This category contains courses design for BTEC courses.

This course is a series of presentations on how I would approach this particular task.

Mostly how I would create the database and answer the questions rather than how I would teach the subject.

This is based on the January 2020 examination.

This course is based on how I would teach an approach to solving the Sharebrook Estate and Safari Park SAM as provided by the board.

This course is designed for students following the BTEC Nationals at Level 3.

Specifically it is aimed at BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Information Technology - Unit 6 Website Development -
and BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Computing - Unit 15 Website Development -

It is also useful to students studying A Level Computing, and A Level ICT as well as other Level 3 courses that include developing websites as part of their content.

This course is based on the 2018 SAM produced by BTEC to demonstrate the new assessment of the Unit 2 database following the criticisms of previous years.

The resources needed are available as a file from the Pearsons Website:

The zip file contains:

  • The question paper
  • The datafile
  • The answer template files

This course has been designed to show serving teachers one possible approach to the assessment for Unit 2.

This unit works through the published examination paper and produces a solution in MS Access.

This course is the way I would solve the problem with the Skaters Data as presented in the BTEC Assessment for Unit 2 Level 3.

Caveat -- I had no candidates in this entry.

This course has been set up to explore the teaching of Level 3 relational database with staff teaching the subject.  It is based on the SAM from the BTEC Level 3 Unit 2