This course is based on how I would approach the creation of the database and produce a solution and evidence for the new SAM material as produced by the examination board on 10 April 2018.

This course is based entirely on how I would approach this unit personally.  It does not reflect the way the exam board recommend it and I have no affiliation with the exam board whatsoever.

As this is a based on a genuine examination paper this course is available free of charge.  However in order to access it you will need to be a teacher or student at a recognised education establishment.  Therefore please let me have a school/college based email address to gain access.

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Level 3
Unit 5 : Managing Networks

This unit examines the principles of network management, allowing you to understand the different functions and types of activity that network managers need to understand.  Network managers have a variety of tools to assist them in monitoring and maintaining networks. Specialist software tools are used to assist network managers and learning outcome 1 deals with these tools and techniques, although you will only need to become familiar with a limited number of products.

This course has been designed to show serving teachers one possible approach to the assessment for Unit 2.

This unit works through the published examination paper and produces a solution in MS Access for the music venues - the four Castles.

This course has been set up to explore the teaching of Level 3 relational database with staff teaching the subject.  Specifically this course uses the SAM - Bleach and Clean to explore aspects of RDBMS.