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Computing Quizzes

This series of quizzes has been collected and compiled from a variety of sources freely available in the web.

They are suitable for a variety of levels.

OLD BTEC Nationals Unit 5 - Managing Networks
Beginner's Guide to Raspberry Pi

This course is a guide to beginners who have just got their first Raspberry Pi and want to know what they can do with it.  It includes the basics of getting started with the Raspberry Pi, getting it going and configuring it.


  1. What's in The Box?
  2. Setting up the Raspberry Pi - first run
  3. Installing Software
BTEC Level 3 - Website Development

This course is designed for students following the BTEC Nationals at Level 3.

Specifically it is aimed at BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Information Technology - Unit 6 Website Development - https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/btec-nationals/information-technology-2016.html
and BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Computing - Unit 15 Website Development - https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/btec-nationals/computing-2016.html

It is also useful to students studying A Level Computing, and A Level ICT as well as other Level 3 courses that include developing websites as part of their content.